Integrated Management Tool
Environmental-, quality-, health- & safety system

Main functions in Nitob:

  • Document control

  • Intelligent activation of documents

  • Documents are connected to selected standards (e.g. ISO) or other requirements

  • Calendar and email activation of document's contents

  • Planning (activities, audits, inspections, updates etc.)

  • Logging of incidents 

  • Planned maintenance of machinery and tools

  • Registration and administration of chemicals

  • Organisation, departments, individuals

  • Comprehensive on-line tutorial and handbook

  • Nitob is a web based management tool

  • Nitob is "plug and play"

  • Nitob does not require specialists for installation

  • Nitob runs on ordinary PC's with internet access

  • Nitob may be used on several PCs simultaneously

  • Nitob provide access for an unlimited number of users

  • Nitob provides automatic back-up of all data

  • Nitob have a substantial level of data security

  • Nitob "plug and pay" charges apply according to actual use of the system.

A powerful, no-nonsense, easy to use management tool